Dumbbell, Barbell, Kettlebell, Mill Roll


About us

Established in 2016, Manta’s predecessor Jianyuan Mechanics established in 2005, used to focus on the production of mill rolls.

Now Manta behaves not limited to manufacturer, expanding the casting and machining business to dumbbell and barbell products to fulfill needs of various clients. Manta warehousing and direct ship services, are also options for customers, saving your time is our task.

With the experience of cooperating with top lever customers, we understand people who are successful in these areas well, so our timely communication, genuine concern for your success turns out to be a part of winning strategy for you and Manta.

Give this opportunity to Manta and you to approach success!

  • 2005 Jianyuan established under the administration of Bao Steel
  • 2010 Jianyuan independent from Bao Steel
  • 2016 Manta established
  • 2017 Vietbuild & BIG 5 USA brand registry 
Company July 27, 2017

电话: 86-519-8360 7077
邮箱: info@mtrolls.com